Hi bitches, my name is Mariana, I'm from Brazil, and my Latino blood makes me sassy AF :). I first heard about Pole Dancing through a Brazilian soap opera - one of the main characters was a Pole dancer, and the badass tricks she performed on screen made me wish I could do the same. 

When I finally got a chance (and the courage) to jump into a pole class, it was love at first touch. I knew right away that the Pole would become a partner for life. 

I started poling when I was 28 years old, without any athletic or exercise experience. Pole was (and still is) so fucking challenging, and that was what kept me going back. Besides the physical challenge, pole also taught me how to be confident and love myself.

I can't wait to be part of your pole journey! :)

PS: I have two fur babies that are everything for me:

Vin & Aslan. Check my Instagram for pictures of my boys: @diasmary

Pole Dancing - Shoulder Mount