With tentative hands and an inspired heart, I began my movement journey in 2013. With just a hair toss and a few twirls into my first pole class, I easily became devoted to learn the physical and emotional process of pole dance with an open heart and indomitable spirit.

My freestyle focused background has always created the most expressive and memorable moments in my dance journey.

I sincerely look forward to bringing your own movement patterns through new exploration and uncharted creation!

Most often I find deeper connections with the lower half of the pole. Not to mention, I love a juicy floor session . . .


My unveiled bellydancing experiences of the past will encourage sensual undulations and textured isolations. We will embody various fundamentals and provoke expressivity. You'll be inspired to explore your femininity and bring personal style into your own story of dance. I am dedicated to making you feel safe and honored in my class with illimitable space and opportunity for you to reach your desired potential.

I believe dance translates your soul in free form and true authenticity. Be luminous. Be true. Be you.

Let's dance!