I have never done pole before, where do I start?

You can start your pole journey any time you want! One of the (many) cool things about our studio is that *most* of our classes are beginner friendly, and you will only need to sign up and show up to start having fun!

Twice a month we offer Intro to Pole classes, and in those EVERYBODY will be a beginner. This class is totally planned for people who have never done pole dancing before. We work some spins and transitions and you leave with a short and sweet choreography.

But we know that sometimes the schedules just don't match, am I right? For that reason most of our classes are beginner friendly: "Spins & Climbs" and "Pole Choreo & Flow" are classes that you can take even if you haven't done pole before, the main difference in between those classes and our Intro class is that these ones are mixed levels classes. But you don't need to worry, our community is amazing and all our students are extremely supportive and friendly.

I have done pole in a different studio can I sign up for classes here?

Absolutely! Our doors are always open to everybody. Send us an email so we can  we can figure out which class fits your goals better: info@aquarelapole.com


What should I wear?

Any workout clothes will do. Yoga pants, leggings, sweatpants, shorts. Really, anything that you feel comfortable in and that will allow you to move. As you advance on your pole journey you will need shorts, as we do need skin exposure to be able to grip on the pole, but shorts are not necessary for the first couple of classes. Please, DO NOT use lotion on the day of the class and remove all jewelry before of the beginning of class. 


Do I need a lot of upper body strength?

NO! Our classes are progressive, meaning that we will start with pretty simple tricks and exercises, this way if you decide to keep taking classes Pole will build your overall body strength.


I’m old...or I’m out of shape...or I don’t have coordination...or I’m not a dancer.

Is pole still something I can do?

Hell yes! Stop finding excuses, pole is a sport for EVERY body type, age and skill level. Come give us a twirl and you may find a new passion!

I want to sign up a friend for the same class I'm taking how can I do that?

If there are spots available in the same class you can sign up your friend by creating a new account in their name, using a new email. That's it! Simple and easy!

Have other questions? Email us: info@aquarelapole.com