When Bry first started practing yoga, over 5 years ago, she saw teaching as something that was an end goal in her practice. Something she could do once she was a master at all the poses. She quickly fell in love with trying to nail every single pose. As you can imagine this is a recipe for injury. She distinctly remember getting a bloody nose trying to fling herself into a crow pose when lacking the proper form, core strength and focus. After that day she started working on the basics again and stopped trying to get her body to do things it wasn't ready for. What she didn't realize at the time, was that yoga is so much more than the poses, than the asana. 

Years later, she found pole dancing at Aquarela! It wasn't until she started dancing here and spending time with so many amazing and inspiring women that she found the confidence to sign up for a yoga teacher training program. This isn't a plug for the studio, this is the truth! Mariana inspired her to be the teacher she already was inside  

Teacher training was something else, she found herself with another amazing group of people who inspired her to be the teacher she always was. She just needed the confidence, and some more knowledge, to get there. But that's an entire other story for a different time! 

Fast forward to the present, she is fresh from graduating from her teacher training course and just now feeling like my yoga journey is beginning. Teaching isn't an end goal, as she thought when she first began her yoga practice. Teaching is simply a step in the journey. It is the best way to learn and grow.


"I'm so grateful to be able to share my knowledge of yoga asana with you at the studio where my teaching journey began and I hope to inspire a deeper curiosity within your own practice! See you on your mat! Namaste!"



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