Welcome To Aquarela Pole Dancing

Here we dream together, we learn together, and we help each other to achieve our goals.


Our History

Aquarela Pole Dancing was born with Reclaim Sports Academy in 2016.

Our mission is to empower others. We focus on your well being and helping you overcome obstacles, so we can all fly higher. Our studio is a safe place for all, where you can find new and creative ways to express yourself and take that so needed “you” time.​

You may be asking why “Aquarela?” “Aquarela” is a Portuguese word for Watercolor. And we decided to name our studio Aquarela because we see every pole dancer as an artist that creates a new piece each time she/he dances. Your body is the brush, and the studio is your canvas. 

Your emotions, dedication, and joy towards Pole make your dance a work of “Aquarela” art.

pole dancing
pole dancing
pole dancing
pole dancing
pole dancing

Varies, click Sign Up to check available times.

If you have never done pole before, here is the best place to start. In this class, everybody is a beginner and will be working on the same combo.

​You will learn how to move around the pole by doing some spins and transitions. You will connect all the moves you learned to make a cute little combo. By the end of the class, you will feel more badass than ever.

Prerequisites: None

Tue at 6PM

This class will walk you through spins, combos, poses, climbs, as well as, conditioning work to get you ready for more. 

If it is your first time taking a pole class, fear not, we will work simple spins and have some conditioning work ready for you.

Prerequisites: None

Tue at 7:45 PM

Ready to hang out upside down? In this class, we will work on your technique to achieve a strong and graceful inversion.


You will also practice conditioning exercises to help you get your aerial inversion and give you strength and stamina to work through inverted combos.

Prerequisites: Strong climb; comfortable in the Crucifix pose; Hood ornament; Strong "knee to chest and tilt" exercise; Instructor approval. 

Are you coming from a different studio? Email us at info@aquarelapole.com

Thursday at 6PM​

In every class, you will learn a simple choreography on the lower part of the pole. The main focus of this class is to connect movements and get you comfortable with dancing. 

​Prerequisites: None




From time to time, we offer workshops or special series, like "Chair dance," "Lap dance," and more. 

Like our Facebook page to stay up to date with all the excellent classes/series/workshops we offer. You can also check our schedule by clicking on the "sign up" button.


​Are you coming from a different studio? Email us at info@aquarelapole.com

Beautiful Women


Are you getting married? Is it your birthday? Or do you just want to have a super fun girls night out? Book a party with us and get ready to have a fantastic time while learning the art of pole, chair or lap dance.

This party is designed for beginners and it is suitable for women of all ages, sizes, and shapes.


*Complimentary wine toast
*Custom playlist
*Choose one style of dance: Pole, Chair or Lap dance
*Party duration: 60 minutes
*Maximum of 5 participants



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